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Webb's Woof - Toby Keith's Sleeveless Shirt Line - Nice

Posted by Webb on 02/26/2009

Toby Keith has shown his new clothing line on the runways in Vegas now.  It is said to include a lot of sleeveless shirts.

Webb's Woof - Rascal Flatt's Has A New Series of JC Penney Songs!

Posted by Webb on 02/24/2009

Gotta start today with a major Woof to Miranda Lambert, with the help of beau Blake Shelton, for raising $70K to build an animal shelter

Is your pet a Top Dog or Cat?

Posted by Webb on 02/18/2009

Here’s a great way to help an excellent cause. 

Join Me Watching the Grammy Awards

Posted by Webb on 02/06/2009

How do you beat Cabin Fever?

Posted by Webb on 01/26/2009

While really hot weather doesn’t make me drool, I’m not a big fan of really cold weather either.  I am the kind of

If A Dog Were Your Teacher

Posted by chound on 12/31/2008

If a dog were your teacherThese are some of the lessons you might learn...When loved ones come home, always run to greet them

Make This The Best Christmas Ever!

Posted by Webb on 12/23/2008

You know I’ve always been one to be rather dogmatic about the commercialization of Christmas and the holiday season.  Se

Help Webb With His Christmas Wish List

Posted by Webb on 12/09/2008

I know there is a Santa Claus because my daddy told me about him when I was 7 weeks old, just before I left the old home place in Walter

I Am One Thankful Dog

Posted by Webb on 11/26/2008

Outside of National Dog Week, Thanksgiving really is one of my favorite times of year.  I am a very thankful dog after all