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Here's My "Fearless" Stories - What's Yours?

Posted by Webb on 11/20/2008

If you haven’t noticed on my website yet (yes it is mine I don’t care what any humans say, woof), we are running a promotion to win

Webb's Tracked Down All The CMA Awards Info You Need

Posted by Webb on 11/07/2008

I’m laying here on the futon with my friend Kevin watching 30 Rock.  Well he’

Think Times Are Tough? Be Thankful You're Not A Stray.

Posted by Webb on 10/23/2008

You don’t have to be human to know the economy is putting some major hurt on a lot of people now.  I’ve even had to cut back on treats and chew bones myself.  But it seems like

What would you like to ask Taylor Swift?

Posted by Webb on 10/10/2008

My tails wagging so fast I can't control it.  Looks like I've been thrown a real bone and will get to interview Country Music sweetheart Taylor Swift next week.  Woof!  I'm about as nervous as a

Belmont Debate '08

Posted by Carmen Wagster on 10/07/2008

As a current Belmont student, I have been around campus to witness Belmont University's preparations for the 2nd Presidential Debate of 2008.

Elect A Real Dog For President – Help Webb With A Campaign Slogan

Posted by Webb on 09/25/2008

One of these days I’m going to learn how to use the remote control to our family’s television.  Then I could watch something really interesting like Animal Planet or a good Disney movie.  Woo

Jeffrey Steele Impresses New York City

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 09/11/2008
GAC TV's first venture into reality series, "The Hitmen of Music Row," recently followed the "Hitmen (four of Nashville's most successful - and colorful - songwriters)" on a trip t

Country Music Is America's Music!

Posted by Webb on 09/05/2008

Editor's note:  Webb is neither a right-paw Republican nor a "yellow dog" Democrat.  Actually he's just dogmatic, and fairly humorous most the time.

Take a Break This Labor Day

Posted by Webb on 08/29/2008

There's been a lot of talk this week about the working class in America due to the Democratic Convention and nomination of Barack Obama, so it seems appropriate this is Labor Day weekend.

Media Coverage of 2008 Olympics in Beijing Stinks Like a Wet Dog

Posted by Webb on 08/18/2008

While I give a big, major WOOF to Michael Phelps for his astonishing 8 Gold Medal achievement at the 2008 Summer Ol