Webb's Woof - Toby Keith's Sleeveless Shirt Line - Nice

Posted by Webb on 02/26/2009

Toby Keith has shown his new clothing line on the runways in Vegas now.  It is said to include a lot of sleeveless shirts.  Some people will do anything to cut costs.  Webb Speaks  Kellie Pickler says she’s devoting her new video for her song “Best Days Of My Life” to all you “bad boys” out there.  And I thought I was the only one who wet the carpet sometimes.  Woof to Dolly Parton for coming to the defense of Jessica Simpson.  Dr. Dolly says criticizing Jessica for weight gain, failed relationships, and forgetting words to songs is just not right.  Dolly went on to say…well…she forgot what else she was going to say.  Verizon Wireless has signed on as the sponsor for BamaJam.  They’ve developed a new tag line just for Alabama, “Can you hear me now?  If so, please send help to get me outta here.”Thought for today - "A stumble may prevent a fall"  English proverb