How do you beat Cabin Fever?

Posted by Webb on 01/26/2009

While really hot weather doesn’t make me drool, I’m not a big fan of really cold weather either.  I am the kind of dog that likes to hang out in the yard for long periods of time, taking in all the scents, and cold weather isn’t exactly conducive to that.  But more so than that, since everybody gets stuck inside in the winter, it seems to affect their attitudes.  People, those darn humans, tend to get a little more edgy it seems.  Why can’t they all just have dog attitudes?  So I do take advantage of getting outdoors when the temps are at least in the 30’s (okay I’m a Southern dog and that’s about cold enough for us).  And there is something special about being outside on a cold day and working up a sweat, getting a little snot going in your sinuses, breaking things up, making it easier to breathe.Webb close up on the floor  So I’ve come up with my own short list here for beating the winter, cabin fever blues: 

  • Got a bone to chew?  Well you should.  I sit and gnaw on mine for hours.  Its so soothing and relaxing.
  • No matter what the temp, take at least a short brisk walk, but if you poop along the way be sure and clean it up.
  • Let somebody rub on you.  Okay, no kinky jokes.  But I do manage to work myself into at least a couple good tummy rubs everyday.  Its so relaxing.
  • Take naps.  Take 3 or 4 per day if you want.  Even on the sofa where you are not supposed to lay.  I do.
  • Find a game to play or some activity to do with your loved ones while you’re closed in together.  Turn off the TV (unless you’re watching the Animal Planet channel) and interact with each other.  Humans are a little slow on this.  I’m constantly having to prod mine along with a slobbery chew bone in their lap or something.
  • See what’s in the trash can that you can play with.  May be a little messy, but it can be a lot of fun!
  • See how many humans you can force to leave the room by passing gas.  Old dog trick.  Woof.
  • Bark incessantly at irrelevant things.  Great workout.

  Well, that’s my short list, let me know how you beat cabin fever!  Woof.