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The Alex Michael Band's Videos Available on YouTube

Posted by Webb on 12/18/2012

In the need for a fresh new country sound?

Why I Don't Want Anything For Me For Christmas

Posted by Webb on 12/13/2011
Webb says picture.JPG
My humans love me so much they’d do just about anything for me, except give me that steak sitting there on the counter marinating. They’re all the time lately asking me what I wa

I'm Doggin' Some Of These CMA Award Nominees

Webb August 2011 Up Close

What’s your take on the CMA Award Nominations?  Here's mine: 

I'm Having A Dog Day Summer, How About You?

Webb August 2011 Up Close

Since I turned 5-years-old today I've become a much more inquisitive hound.  There's certain things I just can't sniff out with my nose that I wonder about:

" If I Were A Cat"

Posted by Webb on 03/16/2011
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I know it’s not really Reba’s song, it’s Beyonce’s, but just seeing an ad about it on GACTV.com made me wonder what it would be like if I wrote a song like that. So t