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Webb's Woof - Keith Urban Behind the 8 Ball?

Posted by Webb on 03/12/2009

Keith Urban is a little surprised his current single “Sweet Thing” is #1 for the second straight week.  According to G

Webb's Woof - Rascal Flatts Can't Hold Back Any Longer

Rascal Flatts apparently can’t wait to release their new cd Unstoppable, so they’re releasing four singles off it via iTunes

Webb's Woof - Why do you think Willie's Opening for Dave Matthews?

Posted by Webb on 03/09/2009

Brad Paisley’s new album, coming out in June, is called American Saturday Night. 

Webb's Woof - Kenny's Done In 14 Minutes

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 03/05/2009

Webb's Woof - You Could BBQ With Keith Urban!

First things first.  You can help the Red Cross and win a trip to see Keith Urban in concert

Webb's Woof - Kellie Has Tattoos But Not A Tramp Stamp

Sugarland’s Kristian Bush says you should never know what to expect from them, including what’s planned for their 2009 tour. 

Webb's Woof - Jack Black On The Opry?

Posted by Webb on 02/28/2009

Woof!  I caught Martina McBride’s performance at the White House during the ceremony for Stevie Wonder.  M

Webb's Woof - Opry's Back on Tuesday Soon! Wag. Wag.

Posted by Webb on 02/27/2009

The Opry’s coming back on Tuesday nights in March.  Woof!  It makes me feel like it’s the weekend all ov