Help Webb With His Christmas Wish List

Posted by Webb on 12/09/2008

I know there is a Santa Claus because my daddy told me about him when I was 7 weeks old, just before I left the old home place in Walter Hill, Tennessee.  And my daddy was an honest dog.  Webb with his pa  I’ve tried be extra good this year:  no running away, sitting when I’m supposed to, no begging, no “marking” the wrong places, staying off the sofa (okay I slip regularly at that), no slobbering on people, and most of all, no excessive barking or crying.  That’s why I think Santa Claus is going to be good to me.  So here’s my list so far, and if you don’t believe in Santa, you can give me any one of these you like: 

  • A new chew bone, Buddy slobbered all over mine.
  • My own blanket to chew on.
  • A new hair brush, and a human to brush me.
  • A nice black-and-tan dam.
  • A new pair of socks, to chew on.
  • All the dogs in rescue and shelters to find a home.
  • A longer sentence for Michael Vick.
  • More visitors to my website.
  • My own couch that the humans can’t sit on.
  • A couple hours on my owner’s bed everyday.
  • Peace on earth.
  • DVD of 101 Dalmations and Beverly Hills Chihuaha
  • My picture taken with Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Sara Evans, Lee Ann Womack, Kellie Pickler, and maybe one or two male country stars, but no more than that.  Woof!
  • Jobs for all who are without.
  • Christmas presents for all children.
  • Mindy McCready to stay out of jail.
  • A guest spot on the Grand Ole Opry.
  • To go out partying with Bocephus.
  • A front seat at the CMA Music Festival.
  • A category for “Best Country Dog” at the CMA Awards next year.
  • A bigger bowl of Purina One every night.
  • An end to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • For everybody to love each other unconditionally.

I'm wondering what else I could ask for, any suggestions?  Woof!