Make This The Best Christmas Ever!

Posted by Webb on 12/23/2008

You know I’ve always been one to be rather dogmatic about the commercialization of Christmas and the holiday season.  Seems like every year we keep getting further and further away from the true meaning of the season.  But this year things seem to have taken a turn for the better in my humble canine opinion.  I’m very aware of the economic hardships many people are going through now, and I do think it’s a dog-gone shame that so many are out of work and are experiencing financial difficulties.  I’m surviving on a few less treats myself.  But I don’t want to get off track here.  Maybe now that people, and dogs, have less money to spend on the commercial things of Christmas, they’ll slow down and enjoy the season for spiritual reasons.  Maybe families won’t be rushing around trying to be sure they’ve got a nice present for everyone, and spend time at home together.Webb MP3  Families at home spending time together?  Now there’s a novel idea.  I’m all about that you know, being a pack animal.  Of course we spend our time chasing smaller animals, marking places, running, chasing, wrestling and such.  But my human friends could get back to some traditional family interaction too: 

  • Maybe you could visit an elderly family member of friend and spend a little time talking with them.  That’d make their day.
  • Maybe you and your family can do some baking or cooking together.
  • Maybe you could dig out some board games to idle away some time talking to each other.
  • Maybe you and your family could attend a holiday music service, or God forbid go to church.
  • Maybe you and your family could spend a little time together helping a local charity.
  • If none of these things appeal to you, maybe you could sit around talking about other family members you don’t like.  That’s usually a great bonding experience. 

However you choose to spend your holidays, I do hope you make time for your loved ones, and Merry Christmas!PS - Help a dog in a shelter have a Merry Christmas, donate to the Humane Association -'ll keep you out of the dog house with Santa. Woof!