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Apple Surpasses The Big Blue

It should come as no surprise that Apple's online music store, iTunes, is becoming ever more popular as a way to purchase music, whether that be Country Music, Pop, Rock, or any other genre.


Tracking Country Music in the Big Apple

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 04/06/2008

It's a big city and a lofty goal, but hey, somebody's got to do it in a city of eight million that (inexcusably) lacks a Country Music radio st

AOL's Country Music Blog is New Kid on the Block

Posted by on 04/06/2008

It's always interesting to me when large companies start their own blogs, regardless of whether or not the blog is actually *about* the company, or even clearly

Trace Adkins Deserved To Lose...

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 04/01/2008

And Piers deserves whatever he gets.  At the risk of alienating all of Trace’s fans (of which I definitely am one), from a business perspective that’s my take

Country Music Stars Sure Are Real Nice

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 03/17/2008

Hardly a day goes by it seems that we don't have an article on CountryHound about country music artists<

Who's Attending "Country Music's Party of the Year"?

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 03/03/2008

On Tuesday March 4, 2008 Country Music superstars Bra

Lady Antebellum, Joe's Pub, New York, NY 2/20/2008

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 02/26/2008

Despite a self-proclaimed "confusing" band name, the country music trio comprising Lady Anteb

What Happens When Four Giant Record Labels Get Into Bed With Each Other?

All right, so the original metaphor references giant apes instead of record labels, and therefore may not be entirely accurate, but what is going on here is a case of the 4 biggest re

“Only In America”

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 02/24/2008
Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn, speaking at a business breakfast in Nashville

CMA MusicFest Is the Best Country Music Event I’ve Ever Seen

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 02/14/2008
If you like country music even in the slightest way, you would have a great time at the 2008 CMA MusicFest.