Trace Adkins Deserved To Lose...

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 04/01/2008

And Piers deserves whatever he gets.  At the risk of alienating all of Trace’s fans (of which I definitely am one), from a business perspective that’s my take on it. 

One thing I did want to note though is all these headlines read “Trace Fired”, but the Country Music star actually wasn’t.  I do not recall Donald Trump telling Trace Adkins that he was fired.  Unlike all the other boardroom showdowns, Mr. Trump simply told Piers that he was the “Celebrity Apprentice”.  I believe he deliberately spared Trace from the words “you’re fired”.

Yes I totally 100% get it that Trace Adkins was by far so much more pleasant to work with and more of a gentleman.  Piers was offensive often in the American way of viewing behavior.  He was pompous, cut-throat, and successful in terms of raising money.

Having founded and/or taken over several businesses in my life and made them successful, I can tell you that you are not always going to be liked.  It is indeed lonely at the top sometimes.  And before I became the mature, pleasant, and congenial person I am now, I may have rubbed a few people the wrong way. 

So Piers did what Donald Trump wanted -- he raised more money, a lot more, more than any other contestant in the history of the series, I believe Donald said.  I think he really got Trace when they divided up the duties of the last business and Piers took the money raising part.  There was no way Adkins could win then.  No business will survive until someone sells something, which is why salespeople are paid well, and why Donald chose Piers as the winner.

Showing off his Country Music talent, Trace Adkins did an excellent job handling the entertainment part though, especially dealing with the whims of The Backstreet Boys.  Anyone who’s ever dealt with the contract “riders” (which usually refers to all the crap the band wants you to put in their dressing room so they can restock their bus) knows that is a pain. 

Trace far, way, infinitely, outshone Piers in integrity; and for that he should be proud.  On the other hand, could Piers have achieved his success without being such an (insert your words here)?  Maybe so, and one would surely hope most business leaders would want to be better than Piers in that category.

So, Trace deserved to lose, and Piers deserves everything he got…to be the Celebrity Apprentice; and to be disliked by millions. 

Well, maybe Trace Adkins didn’t lose after all.