Country Music Stars Sure Are Real Nice

Posted by Kevin Lorance on 03/17/2008

Hardly a day goes by it seems that we don't have an article on CountryHound about country music artists donating their time and talent to charities.  Just in the past week or so we've had articles such as:

Looks can be deceiving, but it appears that a much higher percentage of country music stars donate to charities than that of the general population.  Sure most are blessed with a lot, but nobody's forcing them to share.

Kind of goes along with country music being the "salt of the earth", standing up for what's right, and being patriotic.

I'm sure entertainers like movie stars, professional athletes, and others do their part for charity; and good for them.  I'm not saying country music stars are superior, nor am I comparing them in any way.  

I'm just saying there's a lot of very generous artists in the country music business, and so we ought to be grateful for the time, talent, and money country music stars donate to good causes.