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Jeffrey Steele Impresses New York City

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 09/11/2008
GAC TV's first venture into reality series, "The Hitmen of Music Row," recently followed the "Hitmen (four of Nashville's most successful - and colorful - songwriters)" on a trip t

Nashville "Star?"

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 06/19/2008

Okay, we all know that country music fans are a tough crowd, and very quick to judge.  We look for those who seem "authentic" and also have that certain "star quality" - whic

One Flew South, Pre-release party at Joe's Pub, 5/1

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 05/05/2008

One Flew South, one of the newest bands on the country scene, performed with a natural ease in the New York concert space of Joe's Pub.

Lady Antebellum CD Released

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 04/16/2008

Lady Antebellum's debut album came out yesterday, on everyone's favorite day of the year - TAX DAY! I already grabbed my copy. :)

CMT awards - a NYC view

Yesterday, as I hit Trader Joe's grocery and wine stores on 14th street in Union Square, Manhattan, to stock up for my own personal

Tracking Country Music in the Big Apple

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 04/06/2008

It's a big city and a lofty goal, but hey, somebody's got to do it in a city of eight million that (inexcusably) lacks a Country Music radio st

Lady Antebellum, Joe's Pub, New York, NY 2/20/2008

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 02/26/2008

Despite a self-proclaimed "confusing" band name, the country music trio comprising Lady Anteb