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Why I Don't Want Anything For Me For Christmas

Posted by Webb on 12/13/2011
Webb says picture.JPG
My humans love me so much they’d do just about anything for me, except give me that steak sitting there on the counter marinating. They’re all the time lately asking me what I wa

I'm Having A Dog Day Summer, How About You?

Webb August 2011 Up Close

Since I turned 5-years-old today I've become a much more inquisitive hound.  There's certain things I just can't sniff out with my nose that I wonder about:

Just "Webb" It

Posted by Webb on 01/25/2011
Google is one lucky dog. They’ve got so much going for them. In my 28 (read 4) years of sniffing around this earth, I can’t think of any other business people have come to r

Want to know what dogs think about?

Posted by Webb on 01/17/2011
Webb pondering
Though I’m one of the best at pretending I don’t know what humans are saying (which it easy to ignore commands like come, stay, etc.), I hear all of it, every single word. So I h

I Hate Making These Dog Gone New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Webb on 01/01/2011
Webb licking.JPG
I wish I knew who it was that first came up with the idea of making New Year’s resolutions. I’d probably bite them. You know it’s especially hard for us dogs since one

Hey Brother Could You Help A Dog Out…

Webb close up on the floor
Since I was fortunate enough to be one of the few dogs whose owner actually allows them to blog (all dogs actually have this capability they’re just never allowed to develop it), it is my d