I'm Having A Dog Day Summer, How About You?

Webb August 2011 Up Close

Since I turned 5-years-old today I've become a much more inquisitive hound.  There's certain things I just can't sniff out with my nose that I wonder about:

  • Why do they hold the CMA Music Festival so early in the summer?  There's this huge frenzy of activity in Nashville and then it dies down to nothing.  All that's left are the dog days now I guess.
  • Aren't you glad Shania Twain's making a comeback?  I hope that Asian looking guy will still play fiddle for her.  He was good.  And as for that Mutt former husband of hers, he's a dirty dog in my book.
  • On the topic of Shania, can you believe some people thought when she fell and busted her you-know-what on the CMT Music Awards that it was a publicity stunt to get her on the web more and bring attention to her Vegas gig.  Really?  I'm just a dog and I find that hard to believe.  Maybe it was a stunt double?
  • Hasn't Trace Adkins taken his home burning in stride?  Heck, he went on his fishing trip to Alaska.  They did have another home nearby.  Thankfully none of his family was hurt.  How'd you like to be the person to tell Mr. Adkins the faulty power strip that caused it was built by you? 
  • What is the deal with Scotty McCreery?  Didn't he used to be on the cover of Mad Magazine?  Personally I like Lauren Alaina.  Anybody with two names is southern.  Aand the waay shee taalks is soo southerrn tooo!
  • While things have died down in Nashville for a while, outside of Tracey Morgan dropping in to drop a few gay jokes, there's plenty going on around the country in country.  George Strait and Alan Jackson have new singles, Trace Adkins has one; Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney have started new tours with Rascal Flatts cranking up soon.  Heck, they're all touring this summer I guess, that's when you do it.  Maybe I should go on tour. 
  • So what are you country music fans up to this summer?