Hot Dog, Dog Days Are Here!

Posted by Webb on 06/01/2010
Webb on the floor




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For most of us now that the Memorial Day weekend is over, summer is officially here.  Some of you may wait till the summer solstice begins June 21, but you’re missing out on some really good days of summer if you do.

Summer here in Nashville means two things, heat and humidity.  You’re likely to see my tongue dragging the ground during these months.  I don’t handle the heat all that well.  It’s a dog’s life.  Just throw a little ice in my water bowl please cause I love to chomp on it.
On the other hand, I’d say in many ways summer is THE time for dogs.  After all, they don’t call the hottest and steamiest part of summer “dog days” for nothing.  Actually they call it that because the Greek’s believed that Sirius, no not the satellite radio service but the “dog star”, was responsible for the heat. 
Dogs have a lot of fun during the summer too.  All the kids are out of school so we have more people to play with during the day.  Dogs love playing you know.  We’re experts at it.
Summer just wouldn’t be summer with out hot dogs either.  Any baseball game, picnic or other outdoor activities don’t seem right without the good old All-American hot dog.  I’ve been know to down a few myself.  I felt kind of bad about eating them for a while, till I learned they weren’t really made of dogs, with the exception of some Chinese restaurants.  Whew! 
Unfortunately you are more apt to see Lost Dogs during the summer too.  Seems we’re just apt to get out and about more.  People leave doors open for our escape, etc.  So pay attention to those lost dog signs please and help a neighbor find their best friend if you can.  We dogs appreciate it too.  We still don’t have GPS collars yet so sometimes it’s hard to find our way home.
More time out of school and at home means one thing to children…more opportunities to get in trouble.  Then you end up in the dog house.  I’m not particularly sure why they call being in trouble being in the dog house.  My dog house is pretty nice after all.  Either way, you may want to avoid the dog house if you are a human.  And if you really get in trouble and get a whipping, you may run off yelping like a scalded dog.  So be good this summer kids.
There are probably many other reasons I could give you why summer and dogs just go together, but I’m ready to get out in the back yard and do my summer thing…sniffing, running, chewing, not catching rabbits, fetching and having fun!
So here’s hoping you have the best dog-gone summer of your life!