Want to know what dogs think about?

Posted by Webb on 01/17/2011
Webb pondering
Though I’m one of the best at pretending I don’t know what humans are saying (which it easy to ignore commands like come, stay, etc.), I hear all of it, every single word. So I hear humans around my house trying to guess sometimes what I’m thinking. Well, they don’t have a clue. 
Actually, since I am responsible for sniffing out the latest country music news, most of my thoughts evolve around country music. So here’s a peak into the mind of a hound dog:
  • I wonder what ever happened to that Bloodhound they had on Hee Haw?
  • What’s the big deal with Toby Keith returning to the Opry stage? Did he step in dog poop or something the last time he was there?
  • When Blake Shelton co-hosts the ACM Awards with Reba, is he going to be intoxicated like in his Tweets?
  • The Bellamy Brothers say Britney Spears new single “Hold It Against Me” is a rip-off of their ancient hit “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?”. So do they hold that against her? Sometimes I hold mine against humans but act like I don’t mean to.
  • I bet that Kenny Chesney really wanted to call his new “Goin Coastal” tour “Going Postal”. But his record label peeps went ballistic when he told them.
  • So a bluegrass group, The Grascals, release a country music cd at a restaurant chain. Is that what illegal downloads have done to us?
  • Why are two guys and a girl called Lady Antebellum?
  • Is John Rich the human equivalent of a feisty Chihuaha?
  • Most people have to work for their food. I just have to “sit”.
  • Hey, there goes that good looking Chow down the street…oh wait…not sharing those thoughts…
So there you have it. Pretty profound stuff huh?