Why I Don't Want Anything For Me For Christmas

Posted by Webb on 12/13/2011
Webb says picture.JPG
My humans love me so much they’d do just about anything for me, except give me that steak sitting there on the counter marinating. They’re all the time lately asking me what I want for Christmas. Sometimes human’s aren’t so bright. If I could tell them I would have already, but I can’t talk.
But if I could talk, you know what I’d tell them? I’d tell them I don’t want anything because I’ve already got everything I need. In case you can’t tell by looking at me, I never miss a meal. In fact I get all kinds of snacks in between meals either by giving people that cute begging look, or just snatching any food within reach (and I have a very long reach) while no one’s looking.
I have a warm place to sleep every night too. Well, okay, for most of the day too (a dog needs his rest). I have a huge backyard to play in, catch critters like squirrels and rabbits, or just lie in the sun. There’s plenty of sticks back there to chew on too. And if that’s not enough, I still get to go for walks at least once a day. 
I have my good dog friend Buddy who lives with me and keeps me company. He’s a Coonhound. Even though he bites me on the butt sometimes I know he loves me. 
Most of all I have a family that loves me dearly. They think I’m very amusing. And all I have to do is be there waiting for them when they come home with a wagging tail. Talk about having someone in the paw of your hand. I wish more dogs had my life, maybe even a few cats.
So if you really want to know what I want for Christmas, it’s nothing for me because I have all I need. All I want is for more humans to take care of all these dogs, cats and other pets in need of a good home. 
Merry Christmas! Woof.