Why does everybody keep doggin' Jessica Simpson?

Posted by Webb on 07/28/2008

I am just a simple dog with a pretty simple approach to life. Feed me, pet me, give me a comfortable place to sleep, and I'm your best friend. If there's one thing I don't understand about humans, it's all their meanness.

A great recent example of this is how the media treats Jessica Simpson and her decision to focus on a Country Music career. Sure she's had her issues in the past. Her reality show with then-husband Nick Lachey didn't do a lot to improve her image as a highly intelligent person. Her flubbed performance at the Dolly Parton tribute at Kennedy Center was very embarrassing. But hey, what dog hasn't had their fair share of mishaps?

So recently when she performed at Country Thunder USA all the media reports the next day said she was booed heavily during her performance, and gave her bad reviews as well. Day after that, thankfully, other media reports said that though there were some boos, she was well-received by the crowd.

It reminds me of the recent Tim McGraw incident where he and security jerked a "rowdy" fan out of the audience. The media hailed McGraw as a hero. But wait, hold the presses, next day there's news the man was not all that rowdy, meant no harm, and he still was a big Tim McGraw fan.

Okay, so trying to get back on the trail here. The media loves to pick on Jessica Simpson. Yes she probably hasn't helped her cause in some instances. But hey, like my pa used to say, "Every dog has his (her) day."

So if you want to dog Jessica and her attempts to try a new career path, be sure you check out her music first yourself and do not let your opinion be swayed by the media. Woof!