Webb's Woof - You Could BBQ With Keith Urban!

First things first.  You can help the Red Cross and win a trip to see Keith Urban in concert in D.C….including backstage passes.  All you have to do is go to their web site www.redcross.org and submit an entry of how the Red Cross affected your life.  Being a Bloodhound, they are very dear to my heart.Webb-Countryhound-howling       I see where John Rich of Big & Rich is busy pushing his single “Shuttin’ Down Detroit” for the benefit of workers done wrong by those big white-collar so and so’s, while partner Big Kenny is working on a film about a man who renews his life.  I’ll bet a lot of those auto workers will want to see that film.  I’d like to pay my respects to Grand Ole Opry Ernie Ashworth who passed away earlier this week.  “May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you’re dead” Ernie.  Joe Nichols is on a ten day tour of Australia.  His first date is in Toowoomba.  I wanna live there just so I can say it more often.    Jamey Johnson did a free concert downtown in Nashville on Wednesday March 4.  If you’ve never been to Nashville, there’s a lot of singers who started out performing on the sidewalks downtown for donations.  I think Jamey’s going backwards here?  And Luke Bryan’s playing several gigs in Florida while college students (and other people who just can’t get over it) are partying on spring break.  Luke is releasing a new version of one of his hits, its called “Spring Break With All My Friends”.  He has another couple songs he plays on the college circuit (I’m not making this up), “Sorority Girls” and “Take My Drunk Ass Home”.  Aren’t those songs about the same subject?   Webb’s Daily Woof – “If you spend your whole life chasing your tail, you won’t get anywhere; but you sure will have fun.”