Webb's Woof - Kellie Has Tattoos But Not A Tramp Stamp

Sugarland’s Kristian Bush says you should never know what to expect from them, including what’s planned for their 2009 tour.  Maybe he’ll take his hat off?  Taylor Swift says she likes to “play it cool” on the dating scene.  The Country Music teen queen says if a guy doesn’t want to be with her, so be it.  She’s not going to kick, scream and nag.  That windy noise is Joe Jonas letting out a sigh of relief.  LeAnn Rimes says she’d like to compete on Dancing With The Stars one day, but Trace Adkins says he’d never humiliate himself just to be on TV.  LeAnn says she’s been asked 3 times but turned them down due to scheduling.  Trace says he’s been asked twice but turned them down due to embarrassment.  What’s up with those two star tattoos on Kellie’s arm?  She says it represents the two trips she’s made overseas to entertain the troops.  The troops say there’s plenty more where those came from Kellie!  And Darius Rucker says he didn’t really know what song writing was about till he came to Nashville.  Its work here..a job…not something you do when you feel like it.  I wonder if he’s got it confused with exercising?  Woof for the day:  “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Walt Disney