Webb's Woof - I Forgot What I Was Going To Write About Jessica Simpson

Posted by Webb on 03/17/2009

US Magazine reports that Jessica Simpson forgot the words to two songs during her final performance on Rascal Flatts’ tour last week in Irvine, CA. Simpson, whom the press seems to relish kicking around, should be glad the public’s forgetful too.

Sara Evans has a book coming out. Evans described the book as "emotional, Southern-flavored, multi-generational tale, featuring a compelling love story." Hope it doesn’t involve siblings or cousins.

Mister “Free and Easy Down The Road I Go” Dierks Bentley says a certain woman may lead to less time on the road for him. Dierks’ daughter Evie was born 5 months ago, and since then being on the road’s been tougher for Dierks. Bentley’s next single may be “I Still Got A Lot of Diaper Changing Left To Do”.

And the BamaJam festival is going to have a battle of the bands, they just announced. It is called the Jim Beam BamaJam Battle of the Bands, with the winner performing on the Budweiser BamaJam Saloon Stage. Whisky on beer, never fear!