Webb's Woof - Carrie Stuck Her Foot In Her Mouth

Carrie Underwood admits she put her foot in her mouth when she made a reference about wanting to see Matthew McConaughey’s “boot” in her acceptance speech for the ACM’s Entertainer of the Year. It was a reference to a story McConaughey had just told about boots and picking up women. Anywoof, Carrie apologized to the actor, his lady, her family, and everyone in the world. It’s all a little over my head, but I guess those boots weren’t made for walking.
Toby Keith says they didn’t, Kris Kristofferson says he doesn’t remember, and Ethan Hawke stands by his Rolling Stone story that the two had a big blow-up backstage at a Willie Nelson tribute/concert in 2003. Sounds to me like these boys need to be held in a room together until they can get their story straight. On the other hand, who really gives a Woof.
He’s already had a Gold and a Platinum album, now Jason Aldean hopes his new release, Wide Open, will be as successful, if not more. Jason’s touring heavily to promote it. I really like his first single off the new release, “She’s Country”. Reminds me of my ma.
Clint Black and Joan Rivers are feuding now on “The Celebrity Apprentice”. Joan says if she’s sees Clint coming down a red carpet, she’ll turn her back. If you ask me he’ll be seeing her better side.
And one of Country Music’s most pleasant people, Jamie O’Neal, will be featured in an upcoming CMT Cribs episode. Cribs takes you inside the star’s homes to see how they live. I’m planning a similar series to take you inside the star’s dog’s houses. It’s called Fleas. 
Webb’s Daily Woof – “The best way to make your tail wag is to make someone else’s wag”