Shania Twain Filming Wife Swap?

Shania Twain Says You Take Mine and I'll Take Yours?
You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried! Shania Twain has been seen hanging out with Frederic Thiebaud quite a bit recently. Some reports say there’s a mysterious ring on her finger and the two could possibly be wed. Shania’s reps say it ain’t so. Maybe they’re just filming an episode of Wife Swap?
Now Kix Brooks Is Singing A Different Song
At first it was all pleasantries when Brooks & Dunn announced they were splitting.  Now Kix Brooks tells GAC that it hasn’t always been easy being a pair…egos and such. He says he’s looking forward to being on his own again. You can read the full article on CountryHound. Brooks does say they are parting on good terms though. But you know all the news hounds need to dig up SOME dirt. Woof.
Who Cares Carrie Donated Instruments, They Got To See Her Perform!
Carrie Underwood’s new foundation, C.A.T.S. (Checotah Animal Town & School Foundation) has already donated $117,000 worth of instruments to the Checotah high school with the help of the Academy of Country Music. Checotah is Carrie’s hometown. Best of all, she performed for the students!
Jerry Lee Lewis Gone Country Again
Jerry Lew Lewis has a new album out or coming out, I’m a dog I can’t keep up that closely. Anyway, he’s got his first country release since the 1970’s on it. It was written by Kris Kristofferson so it can’t be all bad.
Toby Keith Has Ants In His Pants
Toby Keith’s label, which he happens to own, has moved up the release of his newest CD, American Ride, by one week. It will be out October 6. I think he was pressured by his label execs. Yeah, think about it.
Roseanne Cash Enlists The Boss For The List
Bruce Springsteen, The Boss, is among the talented musicians and performers to lend a hand on Roseanne Cash’s new release The List. Elvis Costello sings back-up too. But of Bruce Roseanne says “I mean with Bruce, what a great country harmony singer he is! Who knew? When we put the files together finally and heard it all the way through, John just said, 'My god! That's so romantic!' That's my own husband talking!" I knew.