Please Help Flood Victims In Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Posted by Webb on 05/04/2010
Webb on the floor


It has definitely been some of the dog gone worst days weather-wise for Nashville and middle Tennessee these past few days. Over 15” fell in many areas over a two day period, resulting in massive flooding unseen in most of our lives. The devastation has just left everyone in awe. 
Homes in areas that have never flooded before, some of which aren’t even near a river, have been washed away by raging waters rivers and creeks flooding and by backed-up water drainage ditches. Davidson and surrounding counties (the Nashville area) are in a state of emergency.
No matter if you are in the middle Tennessee area or not, you can help. Prayers for every one affected would be a good start. Other than that there are agencies that can use your time or donations.
  • Metro Animal Control, and I’m sure pet shelters all around the area, are taking in dogs and cats left stranded from their homes by the flooding. They are keeping the animals for 10 days so their owners can get settled and come claim their pets. They need LOTS of food, bedding materials, bleach, etc. Metro’s phone number (they don’t have a very good web site) is 615-862-7928. Other local counties you might check include Sumner, Wilson, Williamson, Cheatham, Dickson, Humphreys, Robertson, and more.
  • The Brown Dog Foundation in Nashville offers financial assistance to people's who's pets need medical treatment.  They could use more money now.  For information go to
  • The Nashville Red Cross can sure use some donations, and maybe volunteers later. There are shelters open all across the mid-state to house people left homeless by the flooding. Their web site is
  • Hands On Nashville is more likely to be able to help you if you want to volunteer your time. Go to for more.
In Nashville one of two water treatment plants is under water, so the mayor has asked everyone to cut their usual water consumption in half. This can be a challenge for some. Here’s some suggestions:
  • Men only shave half our face. Ladies shave one leg only. You can alternate and shave the other half the next day.
  • Put soap on your body one day, so you’ll be clean, and then rinse it off the next day.
  • An alternative to this would be to shower your right side one day, left the next, and so on.
  • Do what I always do and pee on your plants to water them. 
  • If you are thirsty, try panting instead of drinking water. It’ll work for a while.
  • Drink other liquids besides water. Of course there’s the vitamin waters, power drinks, soft drinks, and then there’s beer and other alcohol. Maybe if you drink enough alcohol it won’t bother you that you are only half-shaven.
Well those are my humble attempts to help. Please do keep middle Tennessee and all areas affected by the flooding in your thoughts.