Kenny Chesney Says "The Boss" Said Take Time Off

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The Boss Told Kenny Chesney To Take Time Off
You’ve probably seen or heard that Kenny Chesney is taking a break from touring in 2010. Things have just gotten too hectic for Kenny and he wants some time to travel, write, and reconnect with his family. Chesney says his decision came partly from some advice from Bruce Springsteen who told him, “Kenny, you can write half a song on a piece of paper, and you can put that piece of paper away in a drawer for five years, and you can go back to it, and that song will still be there. But life isn't like that. And whatever you're doing, don't miss your life, too,” according to Country Standard Time. Sage advice like that is why they call him The Boss. Woof.
Carrie Underwood Says Oklahoma Is OK      
During her formal induction into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame last week, Carrie Underwood proclaimed how proud she is to be an Okie. "This is where we are from," said Underwood. "This is where we call home. To have such an amazing state behind us is a great feeling, and I'm so happy to be sitting here." Carrie added she’s in awe of where she is in her life and thanks God every day. That Carrie is one good girl.
Brad Paisley Says Green Acres Is The Place To Be
Brad Paisley tells The Boot that his two sons, Huck and Jasper, really enjoy life on their farm outside Nashville. Brad says he’s glad that he and wife Kimberly Williams Paisley can keep their sons out of the spotlight for the most part. "My kids don't go on the road very often; we spend most of our time here in Nashville on a farm. Huck and Jasper are very typical. Right now they're excited about the heavy equipment that's digging out an area of our farm. They love to go down and see the excavator and the bulldozer and watch all the different things that are going on at the site." Come on Brad, you know those boys are just trying to figure out how they can climb on that machine and start it up. They’re boys! Woof.
Future Is Wide Open For Love & Theft
Love And Theft will be opening for Jason Aldean’s “Wide Open” tour starting September 25 to promote their CD “World Wide Open”. Wonder if they named the CD that just so they could open for Jason?
Anne Murray Publishing “Revealing” Autobiography
Anne Murray, the Canadian songbird, has a new autobiography coming out October 28. The book is full of juicy stuff like drug and alcohol addicted band members, clandestine love affairs, death and other tragedies. Murray also talks about the man who has stalked her for 20 years. I’m depressed just writing about it. Woof.