Jennifer Nettles' " Glory Days"

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Jennifer Nettles Honors “The Boss”

My favorite rock dog, Bruce Springsteen, was saluted at the Kennedy Center Honors Sunday night along with some other great performers I’m not mentioning here. Anywoof, Jennifer Nettles was among those saluting The Boss. She just moved up a couple bones on my respect meter. These are your “Glory Days” Jennifer.
The Last Rodeo?
Brooks & Dunn’s farewell tour dates have been announced. They’re calling the tour “The Last Rodeo” and it includes 40 something dates kicking off in April of 2010. There’s a whole story about it on CountryHound. But why “The Last Rodeo”? Cause they’re trying to get off each other’s back?
Jason Aldean’s Wide Open Has Bling Now
Jason Aldean’s latest release, Wide Open, has been certified platinum now. It includes the hits “She’s Country” and “Big Green Tractor”. Congrats to you Jason!
Rascal Flatts On Small Screen
Rascal Flatts will appear in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to air next year. They’ll shoot the segment in January. The plot involves one of the members of the band being the possible victim of a crime. Maybe it involves the fashion police having to protect them from endorsing clothing lines from places like JC Penney. Woof.