Help New Leash On Life Help Abused Shar Pei Dogs

Posted by Webb on 07/06/2010
Webb close up on the floor

While I usually use my blog to entertain, I'm just a little too sad today to do that.
Last Friday night two adults were arrested in Wilson County, which is in the Nashville area, on animal abuse charges.  Inside a home (where they did not live but just kept dogs there) authorities found dozens of dogs that had been neglected.  One dog had actually died.  How sad. 
There were about a dozen Shar Peis among the neglected and abused dogs. 
New Leash on Life in Wilson county is taking care of 15 of the animals.  New Leash on Life is a "no kill" animal shelter.  That means they do not use euthenasia unless an animal is diagnosed as being too sick to recover. 
The situation was reported to authorities by a man who had actually stopped by the house to purchase a pup, only to find the place looked abandoned and the dogs were living in filth. 
New Leash on Life director Michele Lee said some of the dogs had ticks, eye infections, bite wounds, hair loss and needed to be wormed.  One dog may even be blind.
Lee said, "As we were carrying them out one by one we could see the fireworks going off in Watertown, and I thought, I stopped and looked at this puppy and said, 'This is for you.  This is your Independence Day.'"
Please help New Leash on Life by going to their website ( and learning how you can donate.  I'm beggin.