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Dolly Parton Making “Joyful Noise” With Queen Latifah
Dolly Parton is heading back to the big screen to star in a movie with Queen Latifah. It’s about efforts to save a small town church choir, so it includes a lot of gospel music. Dolly says about working with Queen Latifah, “I really like her and have often thought we would be fun together. Even though we play rivals in the movie, I’m sure we’ll have our fun behind the scenes.” A “joyful noise” to me is the sound of a chew bone hitting the floor!
Jamey Johnson Single Now Available on iTunes
“Playing the Part” is the first single off Jamey Johnson’s upcoming 25-song double release The Guitar Song. Johnson is already receiving a lot of critics praise on the album. Esquire magazine, in their September issue’s “Encyclopedia of Now - THE PEOPLE, PLACES, AND IDEAS THAT MATTER RIGHT NOW” feature proclaims, “Jamey Johnson is the musician whose new two-disc album, The Guitar Song, will firmly establish him as the last legitimate country outlaw in the United States.” Country outlaw? Wonder if they’ll need a good Bloodhound to track him down?
CMT Insider Now An iPhone App
CMT Insider is now available as an iPhone app and they’re kicking it off with coverage of the upcoming premiere of Taylor Swift’s new video for her latest single, “Mine”. The app features a large library of country music content including breaking news, photo flipbooks, tour dates and artist bios. Can you make phone calls on those iPhones?
Taylor Swift’s “Mine” Video Premieres Friday August 27
It will be part of a half-hour special on CMT at 7 Central time (real time). I hope this doesn’t turn out to be like LeBron James announcement of which team he chose.