Cheesy Redneck Sponsors Added To BamaJam

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Miranda and Blake Have No Plans Yet

Speaking to the press after her recent Paws For Cause concert in east Texas, Miranda Lambert says she and Blake Shelton have set no wedding date, planned no honeymoon, and neither plans to sell their farms yet. Miranda says they’ll have to just visit each other. By the way, thanks Miranda for raising money to help the Humane Society shelter down there be a no-kill shelter. People just don’t know what that’s like.
That Nicole Kidman And Kimberly Williams Paisley Are Good Wives
Nicole Kidman helped man the phones Sunday night, as did country music stars like Keith Urban and Brad Paisley (who were performing also) at the “Music City Keep On Playin’” telethon to raise money for flood victims in middle Tennessee. Keith Urban commented they were affected as well, with his guitars being washed away. Brad Paisley and wife Kimberly Williams donated $100,000 too. Isn’t middle Tennessee just a place of love and kindness?
A Flood Of Love
Speaking of raising money for middle Tennessee flood victims. The Academy of Country Music has pitched in $250,000 to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee as well, to help flood victims. There’s still a lot of people hurting and recovering here around Nashville, but you sure can feel the love. Funny how tragedy brings people together huh? 
Joe Nichols On TV
Joe Nichols will perform “Gimmie That Girl”, his current hit, on The Tonight Show tonight (May 18) and then will appear next week, the 25th, on The View.   Wonder what Conan thinks of that?
2010 Verizon Wireless BamaJam Adds Sponsors
Kraft and Dodge Ram Trucks have signed on as sponsors of the BamaJam 3-day music festival June 3-5 in Alabama. Sounds like a cheesy-redneck deal to me!