Single Night CMA MusicFest Tickets Are A Real Treat

Posted by Webb on 05/03/2008
I heard (still working on that reading thing) that single-night tickets for the 2008 CMA MusicFest are on sale now. Dog, you need to fetch you some of those.

If you are unsure you are up for 4 nights of great Country Music entertainment, or don't want to fork over the bones for a full package, then this is a great way to get a whiff of what MusicFest is about.

I haven't actually had the chance to go to the nighttime concerts, but everyone in our house last year seemed to be pretty impressed by them. If my owners had tales, I'm sure they would have been wagging.

Now I did actually have a chance to scope out what the daytime festivities were all about last year. I gotta tell you at first I wasn't crazy about going. I mean, trading my comfy place by the a/c vent for trekking around in the heat in downtown Nashville wasn't appealing at first. But I try to go where I'm led.

So we went down, checked out the Fun Zone, which seemed like a great place for kids, and I love kids...I could just lick em up. Then we cruised through the Sports Zone, hung out at the Carl Black Chevrolet booth with some NASCAR cars, which would have been better if my man Dale Jr. was there.

All the people were so nice, stopping and petting me, talking about how cute I am and such. I met some guy selling some snack food called "chicken balls", I don't know what that's about but he thought it was amusing. Met some up and coming country music singer, or was it just a waiter, I get them confused. I just wish these people had thought to bring some treats, if they really wanted to be nice to me. Then we cruised around the daytime stages a bit too.

Then my best friend Kevin told me I could get my picture taken with my idol, Elvis, which got me really excited. So it ends up being some goofy statue thing of Elvis (Kevin still thinks I didn't know the difference), but it was kind of cool anyway.

And I learned a few things about being downtown. First of all, I really don't like walking over grates in the sidewalk, I'm the kind of guy that likes to keep all four of my feet firmly planted on solid ground. I also learned there ain't a lot of places to, um, uh, relieve yourself, downtown. I drank a bunch of water before we went down there, so I really had to go. So we're standing on the corner of 3rd and Broad waiting for the light to change, and I thought this is a pretty good place to go, in the street, its cool. Well little did I know Kevin's big foot was right in my aim, so he gets a Birkenstock full of pee, he's yanking my chain, I'm trying to finish, and now I'm embarrassed cause people are looking. But he washed out his shoe, I was relieved...totally, and we went on home.

Oh yeah, one other thing bothered me, what the heck kind of dog is a corn dog, and why do people eat them? They sure don't grow very big. You can fit them on a little stick.

Anyway, I've wandered here, as I'm prone to do in the spring. But my point is you should check out at least one night of the CMA MusicFest. You'll likely be back for more next year.