I’m Glad Nashville Dog...I mean Star…Is Over

I'm generally a pretty easy-going dog, and try to love everybody, but when I see dog shows on TV like Nashville Star, it just makes me want to puke and lick it up.

Before I go further I would like to congratulate Melissa Lawson on winning the competition. She did seem to be one of the few contestants who had some marketable talent. And anyone who has a litter of 5 boys and still has their sanity gets my vote.

But the thing that makes me scratch so much about Nashville Star is the skankiness of it all. Being a Nashvillian and BIG Country Music fan I'm pretty sensitive to these things.



So here are my bones of contention:

  • Katie Cook - On that outfit you had on last night. I mean, Woof!, yeah, but is that any way to dress for a family show? Where I come from unless you're feeding a litter, keep them breasts to yourself why don't you.
  • John Rich - All I can say is "awesome". No wait, that's about all he can say in between hitting on female contestants. Awesome this, awesome that. Get you a Thesaurus or something man.
  • Jewel - First she's from Alaska, then she's a Texan. One sentence she speaks with a drawl, then she's got this northern-like accent. I thought it was Carrie for a minute last night. I think it was her preaching to one of the contestants to just be yourself. Somebody get Jewel a mirror please.
  • Jeffrey Steele - This dog was best of show. He's the only one that seemed real and sincere, and didn't rub me the wrong way.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus - Some things just never cease to amaze me. Nuff said.

Besides these points, the overall talent of the show just doesn't seem to be on par with other talent shows. In fact, it doesn't seem to be on par with what you hear in venues around Nashville.

Maybe it's the dog days of summer making me irritable, getting my hackles up; but to the producers of Nashville Star...if that's the best you got, you need to high tail it out of Nashville. Its just not right how you represent our great city....even a dog knows that. Woof!