Wynonna Judd Struggles to Let Go of Teenage Children

Posted by Nick Zeitz on 03/31/2009

With her children quickly reaching the invincible stage, Wynonna Judd admits that having children and being a mother hasn’t always been the easiest task. She said that she feels more like a coach than anything to her 14-year-old son Elijah and 12-year-old daughter Grace.

“It's real painful, because they are at an age where they don't need me as much. I'm sort of moving into this position of coach instead of parent,” she told the Tennessean. “I think what I’m learning is we are merely the bow that launches the arrow into the air. I think Grace and Elijah have their own destinies, and I’m watching them become who their destined to be."

Judd said Elijah enjoys skateboarding and surfing and Grace has taken up hiking and camping.