World Of Dance Sparks A Debate After Young Girls Dance To Single Ladies

Posted by Andy on 07/12/2010

The World Of Dance is a nine-city, across-the nation dance competition tour that is supposed to "celebrate urban dance." When a video of very young girls dancing to a Beyonce made it to the internet, though, some started to wonder if World of Dance competition had gone too far. The prize for winning a World of Dance division is $500 in cash today loans, but these girls seem to have won web infamy. So what's the large deal?

The Competition behind the World of Dance

The eight-hour long World of Dance competition is fairly open-entry. Individuals and groups compete in divisions that are separated by group type and age. The competition is intended to be a lot more entertaining than ballroom or traditional dance, embracing "street dance". The World of Dance Tour uses corporate "sponsorships" and a festival atmosphere to draw in observers. Fashion designers, hair stylists and a lot more display their products at the World of Dance Tour, hoping to non-traditionally market to the billion-dollar youth and teen market.

World of Dance video sparks controversy

Before this controversy made it to the news, most individuals had never heard of the World of Dance. In the last few days a video of five very young girls dancing to Beyonce's "Put a Ring On It" has been circulating - and garnering loud debate on both sides. Using dance moves generally attributed to older women and wearing very skimpy outfits, these girls have become unintentional stars. Parents point out the dance moves came from the "Chipettes" of the recent Alvin and also the Chipmunks movie, rather than the Beyonce video.

Reaction of World of Dance

Along with the coach and parents of the "Single Ladies girls", World of Dance has gone on-the-record about the controversy. An official rep for The World of Dance said the girls did "nothing provocative." Among other things, parents point out that the performance was well-received at the competition and was never intended for a wider audience. What do you think of this whole thing. Did this young girl's dance troupe step over the line? Or did these girls just re-perform something they saw in a kid’s movie, intending it much a lot more innocently than it has been taken?