Woof I'm Thankful

Posted by Webb on 11/24/2010
Webb close up on the floor
I’m so dog gone thankful not only this time of year, but all year long actually. Here’s a few reasons why: 
  • Rabbits. No I’ve never caught one, but they sure are fun to chase. 
  • Grass. It’s where I do my business. Where would I go if there weren’t any?
  • Socks. If you ever need a little attention, just snatch one out of the clothes pile and take off with it. Your persons will chase you around. I guess you’re the rabbit in this case?
  • Thanksgiving. Cause it puts everybody, most everybody, in a better mood. Thankfully.
  • Christmas. Santa Dog brings me nice bones and treats. He can keep the new crate he got me last year though.
  • Futons. That’s usually what you’ll find me laying on. My persons should get them one I think.
  • Leashes. I may not like them, but I wouldn’t get to go for walks if it weren’t for them.
  • Grills. Some food always falls off them.
  • Tennessee. It’s where I live and I love it. There’s a lot of hills to roam here.
  • Country Music. It’s what makes my hometown of Nashville so unique, and fun.
  • CMA Music Festival. When I include it in blogs and news stories it helps our Google rankings.
  • Chew bones. I could chew on them forever.
  • My persons. They feed me, give a comfortable place to sleep, let me poop in their yard, wash me, brush me, pet me and clean up after me. All I have to do is wag.
Well there’s a few things on my list, but there’s plenty more to be thankful for I’m sure. How about you?