Willie Nelson and a Grande Mocha Frappucino?

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Road Trip for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Daughters

Some people take this “take your daughter to work day” a little over the top! Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are taking their three daughters – Gracie Katherine, 12; Maggie Elizabeth, 11; and Audrey Caroline, 8 – on the road with them this summer. Sounds like a great summer vacation for the girls. And where’d they get those names, from the Ellie Mae’s Book of Southern Names?
Video Shoot for Alan Jackson’s Daughter
Meanwhile Alan Jackson’s oldest daughter, Mattie (no second name required) has written the treatment (that means she thought up) for Jackson’s soon to be released video “It’s Just That Way”. Mattie is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee. The video is for the first single off Jackson’s upcoming release Freight Train. Mattie wasn’t handed the job, her treatment was chosen from several offered. 
Party for Rascal Flatts and Radio Friends
Since the Country Radio Seminar is going on in Nashville this week and Rascal Flatts is celebrating their 10th anniversary, they are having a party. The band is throwing a party Wednesday for all the radio folks who have helped them advance their career. Their first big single, “Prayin’ For Daylight”, was released 10 years ago.  I hope the boys bought a lot of beer cause them radio folks can put it away. Woof.
Jack Ingram Says You Can Hate Him If You Want
Speaking on GAC Nights, Jack Ingram says he’s okay with fans who hate him. In fact Ingram says “There are more people who hate Aerosmith than know who I am.” Jack adds though he’s not looking for harm from people who hate him. He just likes the publicity. Darn, that means he tricked me into writing about him by saying that. I hate it when Jack does that.
Willie Nelson and a Grande Mocha Frappucino?
Willie Nelson’s upcoming new release, Country Music, will be sold at Starbucks for the first four weeks after it is released. The release was produced by T-Bone Burnett, who’s done more great albums than you can shake a bone at, and included a very talented ensemble of musicians. I don’t know who gave T-Bone that name but it makes me drool. Woof.