Webb's Woof - Those Daisy Dukes Just Might Not Fit Jessica Simpson Anymore

Posted by Webb on 04/10/2009
Rumors are more abundant than Daisy Duke jokes that Jessica Simpson has indeed not done gone Country. She no longer appears as part of Sony Nashville’s roster of Country artists. The label isn’t commenting though. So the press dogged her when she did, dogged her while she did, and now they’re dogging her when she maybe isn’t. That’s a dog gone shame.
Julianne Hough gives a big woof-out to all her fans who voted her the ACM’s Top New Artist. Julianne says it’s the same fans who have supported her on Dancing With The Stars. Julianne says a lot of people told her she couldn’t make the switch successfully to country music. Who does she think she is, Jessica Simpson?
The Country Music Hall of Fame will present a Brenda Lee exhibit starting this summer. Brenda is the only woman to be in both the Country and Rock and Roll Hall of Fames. Don’t miss the exhibit or you’ll be saying “I’m Sorry”.
Congratulations to Joe Nichols for landing the lead part in the Broadway version version of the George Strait film Pure Country. Looks like the press will have some fresh meat to devour debating whether Joe can make the switch from Country Music to Broadway. Woof.
And Jason Aldean’s single “She’s Country” is the #1, of all genres, ringtone download on iTunes. Congratulations to Jason! I like that song, reminds me of my mama.
Webb’s Daily Woof – “If you see a friend today that looks a little down, roll them over and give ‘em a belly rub.”