Webb's Woof - Taylor Swift Goes To College

Jason Aldean and Bryan Adams are taping a new CMT Crossroads next week here in Nashville (invitation only, sorry). How woof is that? Did you know Bryan Adams was the first Westerner to play in both Viet Nam and Pakistan? How woof is that? I’m so excited my waggin’ tail cleared off the coffee table!
Forget “street teams”, viral marketing, social networks, etc.; the Oak Ridge Boys are going on QVC to promote their new release The Boys Are Back. Maybe they should hire that “Pitchman” guy as their new manager. I hear you’ll get a bonus set of kitchen knives with every purchase!
Kenny Chesney says he’s pumped about his tour dates coming up in Texas. Kenny says them Texas fans really know how to make you feel wanted…and they really know how to tailgate party to get ready for a concert! Guess little old Kenny feels bigger in Texas.
Chris Young has been voted country music’s hottest bachelor again in a Country Weekly poll. Chris needs to get married so someone else can win.
Twitter and Facebook updates along with gossip was flying all around the University of Kansas’ Jayhawks campus Monday as Taylor Swift showed up on campus to attend a class with her BFF Abigail Anderson. Taylor signed autographs and posed for pictures afterwards. I didn’t realize people actually still went to class in college. 
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