Webb's Woof - Something "Strange" About Reba McEntire

Kellie Pickler has a new fan club which you can see or join at www.kelliepickler.com. It costs $19.99 a year but gets you all kinds of discounts, early looks/listens at her stuff, etc. I wonder if dogs are allowed?
Phil Vassar and Lady Antebellum are playing Memorial Day at the finale for CMT’s Camp Nashville showdown. Its some kind of battle of bands thing where the entrants are coached by big music stars. Tickets go from $35 to $100. Those bands better be good.
Here’s another reason to watch the ACM Awards this coming Sunday night. Reba McEntire will debut her single “Strange”. Reba is also hosting and is up for an award. Hope you like Reba, because sounds like your only chance of getting away from her is commercials.
Gretchen Wilson will release a new single, “The Earring Song”, soon. She’s talked before about women taking out their hoop earrings before they get in a bar fight. Sounds like something you’ll want to gather the children around to listen to. Woof.
And Jimmy Wayne, talking about his heart breaking song “I Will”, says he’s learned a lot about love; like how to tell if a girl’s just after him for his fame and money. He says dating hot chics and having them run up a $10,000 credit card bill leaves you feeling pretty cold. Its hard for me to relate since all female dogs are bitches. Woof.
Webb’s Daily Woof – “If you don’t chase a few rabbits you’ll never know if you can catch them or not.”