Webb's Woof - Reba Says She Prefers Women...Country Music Artists

Reba says that she enjoys watching women Country Music stars more than men. She notes all the high notes they’ve hit lately with Martina McBride’s #1 Shine, Carrie Underwood winng the ACM’s Entertainer of the Year, Taylor Swift nabbing Album of the Year.  But Reba also says she likes watching the women in concert more than the men. I think we’re barking up the same tree there Reba.
Follow me on this one. The new Zac Brown Band single “Whatever It Is” comes from an old music biz type saying, they say. Like “you have it – whatever it is”. People tell me that a lot. They think because I’m a dog I don’t understand. Well, “Whatever It Is”, Zac Brown Band has it.
Daily & Vincent’s sophomore release Brothers From Different Mothers hit #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass charts. The pair’s harmonizing has gotten major kudos. Did you know they offer a degree in Bluegrass at East Tennessee State University? 
Rascal Flatts’ street team (new age fan club) is called the “Flatt Dog Pound”. I like that name, don’t know why. The Pound does things like putting up posters, hosting listening parties, and networking online. Those are some workin’ dogs.
Webb’s Daily Woof – “Love everybody like you were their dog.”