Webb's Woof - Rascal Flatts Can't Hold Back Any Longer

Rascal Flatts apparently can’t wait to release their new cd Unstoppable, so they’re releasing four singles off it via iTunes on four consecutive Tuesdays, starting today.  I guess they’re marketing gurus think that ties into the album name somehow?Regal Webb  Kenny Chesney’s annual Keg In The Closet tour, where he pops in unannounced at various college town joints to play, has started.  Chesney and crew’s first stop was the Jupiter Bar & Grille (its in Alabama thus the spelling) in Tuscaloosa.  Chesney says its hard to believe he’s done this 8 years now.  He says former students who came to the first shows have grown up and moved on with their lives now.  Hmmmm.  Carrie Underwood’s covered an old Motley Crue song, “Home Sweet Home”, which is played for American Idol contestants when they’re voted off the show.  That’s a lot of perplexing information in one sentence….a former winner singing you off the show…singing “Home Sweet Home”…a country music sweetheart covering Motley Crue.  Life truly is stranger than fiction.  Meanwhile an unknown singer who didn’t even make the first cuts this year will sing for this year’s winner.  Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings are coming up on CMT’s Crossroads.  I don’t think they’ll be performing any gospel music.    Cracker Barrel (a restaurant chain that made their money putting fairly nice restaurant/gift shops by the interstate) is really pushing their new Backwoods Barbie – Special Collector’s Edition cd from Dolly Parton.  Does seem like a good fit.  Cracker Barrel serves country cookin’.  Turnip Greens and Dolly…that’s reeeal niiice! Webb’s Daily Woof – Have you ever heard a dog lie?  Then why do they say “lying like a dog”?