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You Won’t Believe Who Made People Magazine’s List of Country’s Hottest Men!
People magazine has put out its list of Country’s Hottest Men. Here’s a sampling of the list:
Trace Adkins, the Roughneck
Dierks Bentley, the Free Spirit
Luke Bryan, the Smooth Talker
Kenny Chesney, the Heartbreaker
Jack Ingram, the Marathon Man
Tim McGraw, the Great Romantic
Jake Owen, the Catch
Brad Paisley, the Charmer
Blake Shelton, the Joker
Josh Turner, the Family Man
Keith Urban, the Heartthrob
Chuck Wicks, the Leading Man
Webb CountryHound, the Top Dog
They’re not in order, that’s just they way they appeared on CMT.com where I got the list. Okay, so maybe I made up the last one…but I should have been there!
I Always Knew That Reba Was A Thief
Reba says that she indeed took the title track to her new release, “Keep On Loving You”, from Brooks & Dunn. It was all above-board though. Reba says she asked Ronnie Dunn if she could and after an initial shock he agreed to let her. You know I was missing a few bones the last time I was around Reba. Hmmm.
Keith’s A Cry Baby
Keith Urban admits to GAC’s Suzanne Alexander that though most his songs are upbeat, he does get down sometimes. In fact, Keith says, “Some people live in it, but I do it myself. I get caught up in it, and I enjoy being down and negative and dark and gloomy and depressing. It satiates me for a little while, and then it starts to really tick me off.” I can relate Keith. Sometimes I purposely stop my tail from wagging and I’m the best at making sad faces (wrinkles help a lot). Then I get a treat and it’s all good!
Carrie’s Not All About Being #1
Carrie Underwood, you know..the best young country music singer in existence and a dog lover to boot, isn’t just about making #1 songs…though she’s pretty good at that. Carrie just finished a missionary trip to Africa where she visited an all girls orphanage to distribute backpacks, bed nets, and supplies. That was just one of her stops. It was her second trip to Africa. Nice job Carrie. Makes me wish I was in Africa.
Wal-Mart Flowers?
Decorated veteran and country music singer Steve Cochran is having some mild success with his latest single, “Wal-Mart Flowers”. It’s a song about how to cheaply tell a someone special you love them. I prefer Wal-Mart Bones myself. Woof.
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