Webb's Woof - Brad Says Humor Conquers Sagging

Posted by Webb on 05/15/2009
Brad Says Humor Takes Over When Sagging Kicks In
"As things begin to sag and looks fade," Paisley says, "it's good to always have that sense of humor between you." That’s what Brad Paisley told People magazine in its current issue featuring “Country”s Hottest Men”. (Editor’s note: Webb CountryHound was obviously inadvertently omitted from the list). Brad says when he was an awkward teenager he discovered women would talk to him longer if he was funny. Having really long ears and a sad face doesn’t hurt either Brad.
Cheers Actor Claims Country Music Could Make Former Girlfriend Violent
John Ratzenberger, the guy who played Cliff the mailman on Cheers, says his ex-girlfriend may set his car on fire cause she listens to what he calls “country western songs” that promote such actions. Cliff’s comments came in a restraining order against his ex. I’ll bet if Norm were around he’d slap Cliff right off that stool. 
Rodney Atkins Appreciates Simple Things
Rodney says after spending a day alone with his 7-year-old son he penned a song called Simple Things, and that’s what he wanted to title his current album. Rodney says the day taught him he’s not an artist, but a father and a husband and a son. So the album is titled It’s America. Guess Rodney figured out he’s an American too. But seriously a big Woof to Rodney for appreciating the truly important things in life. That includes Bloodhounds.
Taylor To Be On Dateline
Whoa fellas don’t get all excited, that’s not some match-making website where you can get a chance to date the luscious young Country Music star. It’s a prime time news show. They followed Taylor around for a while as she prepped her Fearless tour. I wonder who drew the tough assignment of following Taylor Swift around for a while? We call that a treat in Houndville.
Jack Ingram Is “Barefoot and Crazy”
Well that’s his latest release, just in time for summer. Some, whoever they are, say it could be one of the biggest hits of his career. Jack says it is what we need now, to escape from all the “heavy” stuff going on. I agree Jack! So I’m just going to lay down over here on my bed, chew my bone, and get away from it all.
Yeah I'm Doggin' The Top Dog & Top Cat Coronation Pawty
I'm pitching in for a very good cause, to help the Brown Dog Foundation's Coronation Pawty fundraiser.  The Brown Dog Foundation helps pay the veterinarian bills for people who's pets need medical care but the owner's cannot afford it.  Twenty-two dogs and cats from across Tennessee have been campaigning to win.  June 6th from 6-8 PM at The Farm at Natchez Trace (just outside Nashville) they'll have the Coronation Pawty.  It's $15 per person, animals free, all for a good cause.  And they're serving my favorite beverage - Flying Dog Beer - and serving Whitt's BBQ.  Ya'll come!
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