Webb's Woof - Billy Ray Says Leave My Young 'Un Alone

Posted by Webb on 04/20/2009
Billy Ray Cyrus took up for daughter Miley Cyrus recently when she was harshly criticized by Jamie Foxx. Foxx said, among other things, Miley needs to “get a gum transplant…make a sex tape…and do some heroin”. Billy Ray said on some other talk show later Foxx shouldn’t have said that, especially since Foxx has a daughter himself. Jamie obligingly apologized on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno later. “Get a gum transplant”, that is kinda funny.
Jennifer Nettles says rumors she may abandon Kristian Bush for a solo career are just not true. Jennifer says even when she does projects with other artists, it is to promote Sugarland. Bush’s only response was a mandolin solo.
Dolly Parton had a film featuring her work as “the book lady” premiere this past weekend at the Nashville Film Festival. Dolly’s Imagination Library mails free age-appropriate books to children in need in the U.S., Canada, and England. Maybe Dolly’s just well-endowed to make room for that big old heart of hers.
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have purchased four young Alpacas for their ranch in Australia. Keith and Nicole recently spend a couple weeks at their spread a couple hours south of Sydney and are reported to be in love with the place. Sounds like all they need is a couple good dogs to finish it out.
Webb’s Daily Woof – “It's too bad people don't still cut their own grass.  I'll bet the world was a more contemplative place.”