Webb's Not-So-Bright Ideas

Posted by Webb on 07/11/2008

You know a lot of people think that since I'm top dawg around here all I do is lay around and let everyone else do all the work.

But I think that's a little unfair criticism. Sure I like the occasional nap, but typically I'm conjuring up the next good idea for how to make CountryHound better.

You've hopefully seen many of these ideas implemented on the site, like our Hot Pics, fan polls, etc. You will also see many more when Webb 2.0 rolls out here in the near future.

Of course, like any good boss with too much time on his hands, I do come up with the occasional boner idea.  I thought you might like to see some of the ideas that didn't quite make it to the editor's to-do-list:

  • The Toby Keith - Mr. Nice Guy feature.
  • The Chris Cagle Peace prize.
  • The Kellie Pickler Chair of Excellence at Harvard.
  • The John Rich Height of Humility Grant
  • The Tim McGraw Rowdy Fan Appreciation Day
  • The Miley Cyrus Photography Contest
  • The Kenny Chesney Fan-Voted Awards
  • The Shania Twain Marriage Manual - Forward by Sara Evans
  • A Carrie Underwood "Eat Beef" Campaign
  • Taylor's Tips on How it's Gay to be Politically Correct
  • The Willie Nelson Duetaholic Support Group
  • Snoop Dogg's Classic Country Medications
  • Faith Hill's Hands-Off Approach
  • The Mindy McCready Good Citizenship Award.

So maybe you can help a dog out? Maybe you have a bright idea but are unsure if its appropriate or not. Post it below here and let us and the fans decide!

As usual, thanks for supporting CountryHound!