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Webb's View of the 2008 CMA Music Festival

Posted by Webb on 06/13/2008

Since looking adorable isn't quite enough for me to earn my keep around here (I like pricey dog food) they make me go out every once in a while and actually do some work. 

Just Thinking About the CMA Music Festival Gets Me To Panting!

Posted by Webb on 05/31/2008

The CMA Music Festival is finally here, well almost...close enough I can smell it! I get so excited just thinking about it that I can hardly control my tongue.

Shania Needs A Purebred To Get Over That Mutt

Posted by Webb on 05/21/2008

Well I'd have to say it did make me wimper to read about Country Music artist Shania Twain and producer Mutt Lange separating

Single Night CMA MusicFest Tickets Are A Real Treat

Posted by Webb on 05/03/2008
I heard (still working on that reading thing) that single-night tickets for the 2008 CMA MusicFest are on sale now.

Keep Animals Off “The Green Mile”

Posted by Webb on 04/30/2008

I was hanging out at The Country Music Marathon last Saturday with my best friend Kev and we were really enjoying the event.

If Leann and Snoop Duet

Posted by Webb on 04/17/2008
Country Music sweetheart LeAnn Rimes and Rap star Snoop Dogg doing a duet?

I liked Snoop Dogg, but last night Carrie was top dawg.

Whew doggie, that was some good entertainment at last night’s CMT M

Sniffing Out Taylor Swift on Tonight's CMT Awards

I'll be doggone.

I was fetching the Sunday paper this morning when I noticed that Country Music sweetheart, Tay