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Webb's Woof - Taylor Says Love Is Like Dog Poop

Posted by Webb on 05/29/2009

Taylor Swift Says Finding Love Is Like Finding Dog Poop

Webb's Woof - Help Webb Be One Of "Country's Hottest Guys"

Posted by Webb on 05/26/2009

People Magazine Wants Your Help Finding Country's Hottest Guys

Webb's Woof - Carrie Stumbles!

Posted by Webb on 05/22/2009

Webb's Woof - Now They'll Be After Carrie For Her Money Too

Another big Woof to Carrie Underwood for another #1!  Carrie earned $14 million last year to place as #1 on Forbes list of the top American Idol money makers.

Webb's Woof - Look at all the autographs at Fan Fair!

Posted by Webb on 05/19/2009

Can you believe it?