Vince Gill To Release New Single And Album

Vince Gill will release his new single, "Threaten Me With Heaven," late this summer. It will be his first single in four years, and it is the opening song to his new album, Guitar Slinger, coming out this fall.
"Threaten Me With Heaven" was written by Gill, his wife, Amy Grant, Dillon O'Brian and Will Owsley.
"Since the song was recorded, my friend Will Owsley took his own life, so the song has a profound impact on me now," said Gill. "In my lifetime, 'Go Rest High On That Mountain' has been the song that helped a lot of people through their grief. I think this one will in turn hopefully do the same thing. It's a powerful, powerful song. I feel like it's the crown jewel of the new record."
Gill wrote every song on the album, which is the successor to These Days, the the four-CD box set which was certified platinum. These Days also won the 2006 GRAMMY for Best Country Album and was nominated for Album of the Year.
Gill recorded Guitar Slinger in his new home studio, which added a creative touch to the album.
"I don't know what it is, but it's so different than most studios in that there are windows all around the room. You look out and see trees," said Gill. "There's such a great spirit running around the house and in the rooms that all the musicians have raved about the vibe. It's real low key. It's not commercial-feeling at all."
Gill's new album features his wife, Amy Grant, and his daughters: Jenny, Sarah and Corrina. Corrina joins Gill for the first time on a song about Gill's friend who lost his life.
"Corrina makes her debut at 9 on this record in a very dark song," said Gill, referring to "Billy Paul." "It's a song about a friend of mine who took his life after he took someone else's life. It's very, very dark, but I love that in music. I was always drawn to music with those kinds of things."
Throughout his career, Gill has sold more than 26 million albums, won 20 GRAMMYs and 18 CMA Awards. He has even won CMA's Entertainer of the Year twice. Gill has been inducted into both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.