Vince Gill Cool, Sara Evans Not

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Sara Evans Still Dancing With Divorce Fallout
Formerly squeaky clean country music star Sara Evans filed for a restraining order against former husband Craig Schelske last week in Tennessee, according to several sources.  Sara wants Craig to say nothing more about what led to their divorce or make derogatory remarks about the singer.  Craig’s been talking about the divorce recently to try and clear his name of any wrongdoing and that doesn’t sit well with Sara.  Did you know at one time Sara’s attorney said he had pictures of a former baby sitter performing oral sex on Craig?  That resulted in the baby sitter winning a $500,000 lawsuit, according to The Tennessean.  Sara, you’re not in Kansas anymore.
Why Vince Gill Is So Cool
Vince Gill, like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Steve Wariner and others, is so cool because he’s much more than a country music singer.  He’s a great musician too.  And he pops up in so many places unexpected.  Like last Saturday in Nashville when he showed up on stage at Eric Clapton’s concert.  Gill swapped guitar licks with Clapton, yeah that’s right – Vince Gill swapping licks with Eric Clapton – on several songs.  That’s be like me hunting with Lassie or something.
Randy Houser Among New Faces at CRB’s CRS
The Country Radio Broadcasters association held their Country Radio Seminar in Nashville last week.  They sure do make a big deal out of it.  But it is a good chance for a lot of these country radio folks, the ones who aren’t broke, to come to Nashville and mingle with the stars, do interviews, get schmoozed, etc.  The “New Faces” show is very popular.  Performing at this year’s were Randy Houser, Gloriana, Love and Theft, Justin Moore and Chris Young.  If those were new faces to you country radio then you’re in the wrong business or have a very tight playlist.
John Rich and Gretchen Wilson Getting’ All Political On Us
John Rich and Gretchen Wilson are scheduled to perform at “Taking Back Our Country”.  The event in Tulsa, Oklahoma next month features conservative Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.  Now I’m just a dog, but seems I haven’t heard any new music out of either of these two in a while.  Sometimes our priorities get out of whack, like when I get on the scent of something I shouldn’t chase like a skunk.