"Tweet n Greet" or "Woof n Goof"?

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Just Watching “CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night To Rock” Isn’t Enough

That’s right. Gone are the days when you can just kick back, relax, maybe cuddle up with your dog and watch a good show like ABC’s televised version of the CMA Music Festival this Wednesday night (September 1). Now you have to, to be cool, log on to ABC.com and see what artists like Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown and others are Tweeting about during the show. It’s called a “Tweet n Greet”. Be on the lookout for my new feature soon “Woof ‘n Goof”.
Don’t You Wish Taylor Swift Was From Your Hometown?
Taylor Swift has donated $100,000 to help rebuild a playground in her hometown of Hendersonville, Tennessee (Nashville suburb) that was heavily damaged by flooding in middle Tennessee in May. Taylor has already donated $500,000 to flood relief efforts for the area, and earlier donated $250,000 to schools she’d attended. If Taylor was any more friendly she’d be a dog. Woof.
Joe Nichols Wants To Know The Shape You’re In
Here’s a nice creative way to promote a new song. Joe Nichols peeps have set up a web site where you can go and set up a postcard that tells the shape you’re in and then have it posted. It can be serious, fun, etc. It’s all to promote Joe’s new single “The Shape I’m In”. Participating is easy—just create your own ‘postcard’ with your message, and send it to theshapeimin.joenichols@gmail.com.  The card will then be posted on http://theshapeiminjoenichols.tumblr.com.  Personally, I’m doing pretty dog-gone good. 
It’s All About Blake
Blake Shelton’s “It’s All About Tonight” is number one again this week. On top of that (can you top #1?) GACTV will premiere Blake Shelton’s live concert from Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Indiana on Wednesday September 8 at 8 Central. The 90-minute show includes most of Blake’s big hits, including his best one ever – “Ol’ Red”. It’s called “Blake Shelton Live: It’s All About Tonight”. I’ll be they burned the midnight oil dreaming up that title. Woof.