Travis Tritt Collaborates on "Marriage Made in Hollywood"

Posted by Amber Garner on 06/30/2008

Travis Tritt will join dobro player and long time friend Jerry Douglas for “Marriage Made in Hollywood.” The song, written by Paul Brady, is a look at  pop culture and lives of celebrities. The song will debut on Douglas’ upcoming album Glide. This is not the first time Douglas and Tritt have worked together. Collaborations between the two go back as far as Tritt's 1990 self-titled album. For Douglas the partnership seemed natural. “I was driving to Nashville after taking my family on holiday to the Gulf Coast, and the radio played Travis’ “Great Day to Be Alive.” I was thinking about what a great track record Travis and I have together, and the song “Marriage Made in Hollywood” flooded over me at the same time. It was a revelation, and it turned out better than I had ever hoped. Travis is such a wonderful natural singer,” said Douglas. The song will be released August 19 and Douglas couldn’t be happier. “I am thrilled that the stars all lined up for us to get this one down for everyone to hear.”